Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Inquiry - How can we work together as a team?

We have started our term's inquiry in a number of ways...

  • First on Monday last week we set up the room ourselves instead of Ms Tapp doing it. We had to work together and there were rules about who could talk and who could move furniture.
  • Next there is an inquiry box on our wonder table and students are trying to guess what's in it. They can ask questions with yes or no answers and are given clues to guess the object. We are getting closer.

  • Yesterday we looked at some pictures and tried to make some connections between them and decide on an overriding term that matched all the images. THIS WAS TRICKY!!

  • Today we worked on an art project where we had to work with a partner - look out for it up in our room. It does look awesome. 

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